Considering the performance of Anglican Primate Hiltz after six years in ministry, how will he deal with this latest crisis?


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Imagine children torn away from their parents by jack-booted military; dragged off against their free will and every fiber of their being to camps in remote places where these people, labeled by society as uncivilized and sub-human could be 'relocated' thousands of miles from their homeland; imagine psychological, sexual and physical abuse on a grand scale, medical experiments carried out to enhance the government's war effort; religious persecution and discrimination by fanatics who even profit from these poor wretches, and think death; genocide.

Are we discussing concentration camps invented by the British to house Boer prisoners during the Boer War? Or Adolf Hitler's WWII innovative adaptation of the British invention: concentration lager? Not exactly, but sadly we are talking about the fore-runners of the Boer camps: this is the continuing saga of the Canadian Residential Schools which were run by the megachurches for over one hundred years and paid for by the Canadian government, under a particularly offensive, discriminative piece of colonial legislation called The Gradual Civilization Act.

In 2013 the most recent atrocity to surface is the practice of using First Nation's children to conduct medical experiments. Recently published research by Canadian food historian Ian Mosby has revealed that at least 1,300 aboriginal people - most of them children - were used as test subjects in the 1940s and '50s by researchers looking at malnutrition and the effectiveness of vitamin supplements.

Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? At least, not until you realize that to simulate the conditions in the war zone the subjects were fed rotten food and half starved first...

Appalling is too mild a word; however, Anglican Archbishop and Primate Fred Hiltz aka 'Cashman' and his 'Uncle Tom' Indigenous Bishop Mark MacDonald were indeed appalled. These two good churchmen condemned the news of Federal Government tests on the effects of malnutrition on aboriginal children and jointly came to the conclusion that to have used the Residential Schools as labs and the children as the subjects of experiment is so terribly inhumane. It is yet another tragic chapter in the long once-hidden story of the Indian Residential Schools.

Then, bless them, Hiltz and MacDonald dropped to their calloused knees and began praying for all who have memories of suffering through malnutrition and live with its effects to this day. Duty done, the dynamic duo began the usual Anglican circumlocution and soft-shoe shuffle designed to obscure the real issue with lots of incense smoke and ecclesiastical mirrors.

"Fear not," the angel said [originally at the nativity; a much happier event] because this very day a yet to be initiated initiative, a hitherto be screened spectacular, a futuristic, emotionally stirring, "Primate's Commission" will focus Hiltz' 'beloved church' and the world’s attention on actions associated with repudiating the Doctrine of Discovery, principles for a genuine reconciliation with First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples in this country and plans to address numerous longstanding injustices borne by Indigenous peoples including access to good food, clean water and adequate housing." Blah, blah blah... This is classic Fred Hiltz Anglo-babble and propaganda! Read it quickly and everything is the Government of Canada's fault, but relax because, naturally [for a substantial price] good old Fred can fix it. No mention of the fact that the Anglican Church of Canada [ACoC] managed and operated thirty-six of these hellish Canadian Residential Schools, and Anglican Bishops and priests were in charge of starving and abusing the children in these medical experiments.

I suppose in our naivety, we are supposed to believe that some ghastly Canadian version of hauptsturmfuhrer, Herr Docktor Mengele goose stepped into the schools unnoticed to conduct this sick, evil research and reported back to the federal government totally unknown to the Anglicans, who were busy with other abuses and evil deeds of their own?

Frankly, I do not have much stomach for Fred Hiltz and his pious and pompous ilk, and what really makes my blood boil is the flippant, casual way that Hiltz can dismiss such pain and suffering! This statement of mine needs some justification because I do not wish to proceed without introducing corroborative evidence.

Let's start with a 'standard operating procedure' typical ACoC statement. Anglican Primate Fred Hiltz in a recent sermon begged "not to brag" and then, as braggarts will, began to do just that, and to loudly toot his own horn. Under his guidance, his 'beloved church' he boasted, had disbursed some $5,000,000.00 to native communities for 500 projects! Wow! Five million! That is quite an achievement isn’t it? Or, is it... What, I wonder, is the underlying truth?

Blow away the smoke and break the mirrors and what do we have?

1] $5,186,652.00 on 494 projects, but spread over 20 years from 1992 to 2012: simple math tells us that that equals, $259,332.00 per annum on average actually expended upon programs over two decades.

2] By comparison, Hiltz' salary, plus benefits package was worth more than $225,000.00 per annum, excluding expenses [which are doubtless considerable] in 2012. This year Saint John's Anglican Church, Shaughnessy, BC wants to spend $214,000.00 fixing its roof in order to serve a mere handful of aging Anglicans, and the Anglican General Synod's [GS] revenue for 2012 alone was $12 million, with assets of $20million.

3] What is more, if you examine the 2012 financial position of the Anglican Fund for Healing and Reconciliation [AFRH] which was established in 1991 with a goal to support culturally based community healing initiatives... overcome the legacy of the Residential school system, accounts that are imbedded within the Anglican Church of Canada Resolution Corporation's [ACoCRC] Financial Statement you find that Hiltz and the G S charged the AFRH $155,000.00 for administration in 2012; interest on the millions was appropriated and there were other transfers to the GS.

One would have to be a very experienced forensic accountant to unravel the Anglican accounts in their entirety and thus obtain a clear and realistic picture of the current financial situation; however it is obvious that the ACoCRC has 2012 assets of over $6million, and because the funds in the AFHR must be paid out by 2019 and any funds not paid out by that date must be transferred to the Aboriginal Healing Foundation [The AHF is a community-based Aboriginal NFP, directing healing initiatives which address the legacy of physical and sexual abuse suffered in Canada’s Indian Residential School System, including inter-generational impacts.] or to another charitable organization agreed upon unanimously by the AFHRC. Obviously, the Anglican General Synod is "another charitable organization" so my best guess that is that the hidden agenda is simply this: keep paying out a pittance and then by 2019 the balance of approximately $4 million can be quietly transferred back to the GS of Hiltz' 'beloved church'.

How do you like Primate Fred Hiltz' brag now?

For those who like accounting, my source is the current Report of the Financial Management Committee [FMC] of the ACoC. I welcome any forensic observations from qualified accountants or investigators.


The reality is that in 2013, the ACoC continues to struggle with its colonial history and whatever silver-tongued words that issue forth from Hiltz et al on a regular basis, the legacy of its own participation in the attempt by European colonizers [mainly Anglo-Saxons] to assimilate the Indigenous Peoples of Canada is not even close to resolution.

In parallel, since the early nineties, the actions of Hiltz, Ingham, Elliott and others has plunged the church into a bitter and divisive schism over gay blessings and gay marriage. This self-inflicted tragedy has accelerated the steep decline in church membership.

In 1996, the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples released a lengthy report containing over 600 recommendations for addressing the many injustices suffered by Aboriginal Peoples. Both Churches and Government dragged their feet on the issue; presumably foreseeing the gathering storm clouds of litigation and then in 1998 the Minister of Indian Affairs issued a tongue-in-cheek apology that only served to inflame the matter further.

Former students of the residential schools, disheartened by these responses and encouraged by their lawyers, began to bring lawsuits against the Government of Canada and the four megachurches [the ACoC; RCC; UCC and PCC], which had run the residential schools. These lawsuits multiplied rapidly so that by the end of 2001, the ACoC faced impending bankruptcy, and was struggling to reach an agreement with the government which would relieve it of some of the costs of litigation.

To this end, the church spent over a year in negotiations with the Government of Canada, which eventually resulted in an agreement signed formally in March of 2003. It was agreed that the ACoC would contribute 30% of the settlements for all validated claims of sexual and physical abuse, up to a maximum Church contribution of $25 million, with the Federal Government covering all additional settlement costs from your tax dollars

All Anglican dioceses were invited to contribute to the payment of compensation at the 2004 GS. Hiltz was bishop of NS & PEI back then; he flew home business class and immediately announced that parishioners would fund-raise his Diocese's portion. Never once did he think of coughing up compensation from the diocesan coffers or assets.

Cashman Hiltz promptly launched his fundraiser, the Leap of Faith Capital Campaign, which gouged some $3 million from the people of Nova Scotia and PEI supposedly to meet the diocese's agreed contribution to the Residential School's settlement fund. However, and forgive me for being of little faith, the money was used to benefit, youth ministry, congregational development, communication and organizational effectiveness, not to mention some new vestments and cathedral repairs. Leap of Faith was fine example of Hiltz's total preoccupation with money as well as the ACoC's organizational hypocrisy and skewed model of pastoral care.

Mrs. Hiltz, of whom we know very little, was apparently unsupportive of her husband's ambitions toward the primacy in 2004, which provided a three year hiatus for the GLBT lobby and admirers of Hiltz' fundraising abilities to work on her support and his election in 2007.

In 2009 after Hiltz' election as Primate, something rather significant took place, and of course it involved money. The Roman Catholic Church finally came to terms with the Canadian Government regarding their contribution to the Residential School's settlement fund. [Pope Benedict had been hard to pin down because the RCC's financial structure was somewhat nebulous rather like that of the Vatican Bank]. The RCC settled for $15.6 million: close to ten million less than the ACoC.

What did this have to do with Hiltz and the Anglicans who had already settled for their heinous crimes against Canada’s aboriginal people? Nothing! The ACoC's $25 million was a drop in the bucket compared to what they would have had to pay at litigation and a sincere Christian Church that truly regretted its actions would have had the common decency to leave it at that. Honour the agreement; genuinely help the people that they had abused and the relatives of the 'Lost Children', those who had died at the hands of Anglican abusers so far from their loved ones and homeland.

Hiltz could not do that of course, his immediate action was to initiate a major financial coup, the Anglican Amending Agreement, which reduced the ACoC's liability to the lower figure negotiated by the Catholics.

Around the same time, Primate Hiltz further demonstrated his position on child abuse by ignoring events at Grenville Anglican Christian School and supporting diocesan bishop Bruce in his crude attempts to avoid litigation and deny responsibility.

Meanwhile, many Aboriginal people were angry, insisting that the greater danger to their continued existence and identity is the loss of their distinctive languages and cultures, for which they deserve compensation. Thus they felt betrayed, and have accused the ACoC of placing its own institutional existence ahead of its stated ministry of healing and reconciliation.

These accusations encapsulate Primate Hiltz' ministry since 2007; in my opinion he has betrayed Jesus, just as surely as Judas did before him. Instead of focusing upon God’s work and Jesus' program, Hiltz has morphed into CEO of Anglican Corp; presiding over fat cat bishops and clergy whose main focus is their salaries, benefits and pensions; meddling in politics; entertaining Anglican stakeholders who would destroy the sovereign state of Israel, and wasting millions of charitable dollars on schismatic activities. Mammon is worshipped and Money is Hiltz main concern. Second to money comes the GLBT agenda, and it appears that as the financial situation continues to deteriorate that the Primate is pinning his hopes on the continuation of the ACoC as a GLBT church. Anglican spin-doctoring and smoke and mirrors are applied to every issue as they arise: the recent 'medical experiments' issue being a perfect example. Blame the government; never admit ACoC liability; orchestrate a public display of piety and prayer; trot out phony past achievements; meanwhile put the church lawyers on standby and hope like hell that more claims for compensation do not materialize.

You might be kind and say, "Yes, but what alternative does the poor man have?"

His alternative is simple and obvious: return to the Spiritual base of Christianity and to the program of our Lord Jesus Christ. [Hiltz is not alone here, Pope Francis is facing even greater problems in the RCC and while he is currently 'talking the talk' unfortunately, like Hiltz, he is also yet to 'walk the walk'].


Well, obviously money, property; a fine luxurious living; fame and status; friends and fortune, but did not Jesus say to the rich man, Sell everything you possess and give the money to the poor, and you shall have wealth in Heaven; and then come, follow me." [Matthew1 9:21]

Anglican Corp is a bloated money centric bureaucracy on the slippery slope to oblivion. What could be worse than that? If Primate Hiltz cannot return the Anglican Church to Jesus' program by drastically reducing overall expenses it will be dead in twenty-five years more or less. Christianity started two millennia ago with our Lord’s sacrifice; in my heart I know that it can continue, and it can continue for Hiltz and the ACoC if he and they sacrifice everything, just as Jesus did. This is not a gamble, but rather their solemn Christian duty: "Sell everything, return the money to the poor, face the past and the liabilities incurred there four square; follow Jesus program. Do this before it is too late.

The ACoC has said in the past that, "We sincerely believe that the Spirit will be with us and guide us all in these next steps of our common journey." Yes! But only if you actually listen and act upon the Spirit's guidance . Hiltz and the ACoC are a stone's throw from hell and out of sight of heaven; the Anglican goose is cooked. Can Primate Hiltz do the right thing, take the Christian course of action and reverse that trend? Tragically, I think not; however, I pray that he might honestly try at the very least.

We offer an alternative: ABBA MINISTRIES OF CANADA

Conservative or liberal, Our clergy administer the sacraments, preach God's ways by word and example, and minister in a compassionate and caring manner across different Christian denominations and traditions. If you are seeking somewhere to call your spiritual home and would like the prayer support and Christian fellowship, we are all here for you. We serve Jesus and contemporary society compassionately in a dynamic and non-traditional model of service and quite radically, we serve as volunteers. In 2004 there were just a handful of us; today there are over sixty vibrant ministries from coast to coast in Canada.

In Christ,


In writing this article, the author acknowledges numerous sources on the World Wide Web.

Author: Rev. Malachy Egan
Article Date: August 2013




The answer is simple: a POLITICIAN or CHURCH LEADER who will not cooperate in an investigation or enquiry by releasing relevant information into alleged criminal activities by the GOVERNMENT OF CANADA; THE ANGLICAN, CATHOLIC UNITED OR PRESBYTERIAN CHURCHES, while simultaneously professing innocence, regret, shame, for said crimes and avoiding financial responsibility. Remember that here we are discussing vile crimes against children.

Who are these people? At this time Steven Harper's government; Anglican Primate Fred Hiltz Catholic Cardinal Marc Armand Ouellet; Gary Patterson of the United Church and David Sutherland of the Presbyterian Church. The Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission [CTRC] has obtained a court order forcing the government to release the relevant paperwork; however so far, the church leaders [from whom we might expect a more Christian approach] have observed the proceedings closely, while sitting four square with their well fed backsides on their hands. Therefore, the true scope of the brutality; abuse and genocide carried out in the Canadian Residential Schools has yet to see the light of day.

Read the full article based on a National Post interview with the CTRC's Kimberley Murray who is its Executive Director. I believe that it is a chilling indictment of what has become Canada's own holocaust! Access the article HERE.

Those responsible for withholding critical information: HILTZ, OUELLET, PATTERSON AND SUTHERLAND should be investigated and if appropriate, charges should be laid against them.

Next time you are asked give money to one of these 'churches' in the form of tithe you may wish to ask yourself why you should.

In Christ, who weeps over these children,


January 2014

The writer ackowledges the National Post.

"Love God with all your heart,
and love your neighbour as yourself."